Harriet Nauer



"Physically I am not there and have never been. I have never killed, crushed bottles, or felt a thousand hooves shake the ground. I have never begged my loved once to chain me to die at dawn. But it is there; such we humans cannot touch, or will ever experience. It is fiction that puts into words what we feel. The deep sound from my Levin guitar helped me write these songs. Each one of them carrying a story, from everyday love to vast fields and demons. Braided into melodies the past, the now and the future become one with my voice. It is longing and it is catharsis. I understand that there are people out there who struggle to express their feelings and experiences, and that is the reason I write, and that is why I share these songs with you." 

- Harriet Nauer about her new EP 'Human'.

(Photo: Tobias Hilmersson Rydén)

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Love Street Music, Grefsenveien 61 Oslo, Norway. 


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